Cardboard Cabin


From the remote shelter of Cardboard Cabin, warm, danceable folk music can be heard. Intimate moments are interspersed with strong power folk. The repertoire contains self-written songs: classical ball dances, but the group does not shy away from experimentation. A sanctuary for anyone who wants to get away from the bustle of this busy world.

The brothers Jeroen (accordion) and Andreas (saxes) Werbrouck earned their spurs in the folk world as a duo under the name Katla (winner of the 2016 Music Mosaic Podium, Boombal, Gooikoorts, Queimada,…). In September 2019 they started a new story, together with Flor Delombaerde ( Isabelle et les Jean , 't Mouvement ) on double bass and Tim Orroi ( Nitty Gritty , Cirqu'en Flêxe ) on drums. After months of writing music, rehearsing and recording intensively, they are ready to let the world into their cabin.

In 2020, the group saw a lot of performances canceled. But there was also good news! They were selected for the VONK! showcase festival (February), and in the 'Promising band' category of the Flanders Folk Awards 2021.